New Functionality: Anchor Tag shortcode

This functionality is used if you might want to jump to specific sections of a page. A few examples: Jump to Section 5 – And then Jump to section 2 – To use this feature: To add the point you jump to, copy and past the following text into the section of the page you want […]

We now have API integration – write once, publish to your Event APP!

API: a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service. What does this mean to you? In short: Your Event App can pull the content from your website. We’ll for sometime now, we have been selling third-party apps and […]

Developer Diary: September

Most of the development time in September has been dedicated to our new theme ‘Prism’ to be launched in October. There are a number of functionality improvements which come along with this and are bundled into the theme. Conference Websites Major updates Upgraded to WordPress 4.0 New media library experience with the grid layout. Updated text […]

Months Free Trial

Get a Months Free Trial We all love free stuff. He’s how to get a conference website totally free for 1 months: Signup Non-Uk, so US and everywhere else UK When it comes to the payment screen, enter one of the following coupons: For US $s – “USD-1-MTH-FREE” For UK £s – “UKP-1-MTH-FREE” You have […]

EventBrite vs CWTickets Processing fees

The following calculations compares the processing and credit card fees of EventBrite vs our internal online payment registration system – CWTickets. To use the form just enter figures for the Number of expected delegates and price per ticket. The form will then calculate the comparible prices of using EventBrite or CWTickets.  

New Image thumbnail editor, allows better refinement specifically for speaker images

One of the key features of our system is the ability to display speakers photos in a number of different formats: Many clients have requested that we edit their speakers photos – selecting different photos for the thumbnails to the featured images. The different photo sizes are created by selecting the central part of the […]

New Functionality : Call to Action (CTA) Buttons

The new CTA Call to Action button system inserts fancy looking buttons into the page content of your site. What do they look like: They Look Like this And then can also look like this: An example with an icon How to Use: Click on the “Insert Button” button within the page editor: Then complete […]

Developer Diary July / August

The developer diary let's you in on the behind the scenes of the conference websites product. As a monthly section we'll aim to keep you up to date on the full list of amends that take place across the platform so you can keep up with what's fixed and what we've been working on. July […]

New Functionality – Search Engine Food (Optional) in the page editor.

This option allows you to set the META data (the hidden information about the page) for a specific page. By default the META data is: Page Title : Page Name merged with Event Details > Event Details > Name Page Description : Event Details > Event Details > Description This can be edited in a page […]

Conference Website Forms Update

In our most recent Conference Website update we have upgraded to a higher version of Gravity Forms. This update allows you to be able to have the same customisation as the WordPress page editor. This gives you the ability to add images bullet points etc instead of plain text. To access this feature go to […]