How to produce an excellent Speaker Photos – the do’s and don’ts automatically resizes speaker photos as they are uploaded. The photos are resized to the following sizes: Thumb 48×48 Medium: 125 Advice for your speakers: 1. Size Make sure that the photos are large enough to be cropped and resized for various purposes. The ideal size is 600 pixels tall by 400 pixels wide   […]

The first step to improve your Conference Website’s Google Position: Adding your site to Google Webmaster tools

The first step is to setup your site on Google Webmaster tools. Setup an account on Google Webmaster tools. Validate your site – here’s how to validate your conference website on google webmaster tools. Add your site map: Dashboard > Crawl > Sitemaps Your sitemap is <Event website URL>/sitemap.xml E.G. This will allow you to have […]

Conference Website for Mobile users

A significant chunk of web traffic to our Live Event websites come from mobile. Considering how your users view your website content on a mobile device should be an essential part of any web strategy for your live event. In this article I outline 3 options open to you. OPTION 1: FREE : Web app […]

New Product – Add an app to your conference website: £500

Conference Websites have teamed up App developer Attendify to create an offline app for your live event website. We will build the app and them submit it to the App Store once you have approved it. For Demo’s and example – please click here… Attendify also have a New Social App! Click here for a demo.

Your Conference Website as an Web-App is already optimised for mobile. It uses a responsive design to ensure that the site always fits perfectly on any screen size. To try this out for yourself, either look at your site using your mobile phone OR drag in the corners of your Desk-Top based browser. Definition of a web app Is any application […]

Powerful Branding Will Make Or Break Your Conference

All of the best tools in the world have one common purpose, to be used to the best of their abilities and to solve whatever problem is put in front of it. With Conference Websites we’ve tried to give you the best possible starting point to ensure you can smoothly market your conference and give […]


In our constant desire to make your websites look great and enguage your visitors and customers, we have created a new slider system. Here is the demo: Feature list: Add any number of images to a page – the images are displayed 1 after the other in a nice animation. Add title and caption […]

How do you make your home page more attractive & appealing to your visitors

We have noticed that the home pages of a number of our sites are a little plain and static – just blocks of copy. BEFORE | AFTER                                                       ———————————————————————————————————— Shortcut […]